Anna Nagar Talk

In just over three decades, Anna Nagar has virtually become a metro within a metro in its own right, self contained and self sufficient, insulated from the city yet very much a nerve centre of it. At Anna Nagar, it is always arrival time, for not a day passes without something new making a foray here. 

It has to be so, for the locality itself is a recent addition to the Chennai map. And now it is time for Anna Nagar Talk to make its entry. This new arrival may be a bit late, but no doubt the latest, to put it in popular jargon. We invite you to behold this bundle of joy, Anna Nagar Talk, resplendent in colour and overflowing with exuberance. And we are certain that you, the citizenry of this sprawling locality would absorb this glossy and classy weekly too into your fold in the true cosmopolitan tradition that is characteristically yours. For our part we assure you that we will be offering quality fare in our columns both in terms of reading material and advertising space.

And that indeed is our two-pronged objective. Anna Nagar Talk will be a dream come true for both the reader and the advertiser. It is our lofty aim to bring professional and path-breaking journalism to the neighbourhood media segment.Your Anna Nagar Talk will not just be a weekly diary but would offer deeper insights about the issues and happenings of the locality. It will act as your eyes offering a bird’s eye or rather, Tower-top view of your neighbourhood; it will be your ears, glued to the ground for even the slightest vibration that you need to hear, not to mention the nose for news without being too nosey as to embarrass. And needless to say, it shall be your voice also. In short, you would have read all that needs to be known of your locality this past week.

A free-circulation newspaper survives on advertisements. Therefore, it is imperative that the advertiser gets the best deal. Anna Nagar Talk hopes to be an advertiser’s delight. Businessmen need no longer watch in dismay their well planned advertisements vanish in smudgy print and soiled paper. We offer them a medium that would certainly endear their offerings to their targeted customers in excellent paper and impeccable printing. They can also rest assured, Anna Nagar Talk would reach out to virtually every household that matters to them in the locality

Before Talk and After Talk.Yes, we do not have a history. But neither did Anna Nagar. But we are sure we will make history. As did Anna Nagar. We are sure the chronicling of Anna Nagar would in due course be divided betweenWe at Anna Nagar Talk salute our peers as also the pioneers who had dared to tread a bold path in an industry infested by barons and big businesses. Yes, there are already many players in this segment. Yet we feel there is a huge gap that needs to be filled with regard to the aspirations of readers and advertisers and we hope to address that. Our motto is to set a new paradigm for neighbourhood newspapers in terms of both quality journalism and pleasing visual presentation. Colour. Content. Coverage.

Anna Nagar Talk will keep your cup of joy always in the overflow mode every Saturday.