Vadapalani Talk

This is a gateway to Chennai with the legendary Arcot Road meandering from the outskirts to the heart of the city. Yes, Vadapalani, from being just a passage to Chennai has indeed become a destination by itself for the city citizenry. 

A road much taken for decades by all and sundry, be it star-struck wannabes aspiring to make it big in tinsel town, denizens of the city wanting to get away for the weekend from the hustle and bustle, the sick and injured seeking out the dime a dozen hospitals on the sidelines, devotees thronging the ‘Northan’ abode of the Lord Muruga, insatiable shoppers who scour the platforms as well as windows of the peddlers and malls respectively, and who not?

Indeed, for many the Arcot Road ends here. A case of having one’s heart in one’s mouth,  shall we say.  In any case, Vadapalani is easily one of the fastest growing localities in Chennapatnam, throbbing with activity.

And coming to throb in sync with your favourite locality is Vadapalani Talk, the seventh publication from the Talk Media stable. This glossy and classy weekly is now all set to flood every nook and cranny in your neighbourhood with a splash of colours and a variety of content.

And Vadapalani Talk is not just another neighbourhood newsweekly. With due respect to the peers and pioneers in this segment of media, Vadapalani Talk does have legitimate claims to being different from the crowd.

And the proof of the pudding is in your hands for you to lap up. Path breaking journalism joins hands with high quality printing to lay before you a feast, for both eyes and mind. Colour, Content and Coverage. Vadapalani Talk, to put it in current terms, will score centems on all counts.

And our motto is two fold: To be a reader’s delight and an advertiser’s dream. The Reader will not be short changed just because the paper is free and instead be treated with top of the line coverage of his habitat. And the Advertiser had never had it so good. While this Talk reaches virtually every household that matters to him in the locality, he need not also any longer watch his ads disappear in smudgy print and soiled paper. Rather the products and services that he purveys will shine, literally at that, through the Talk pages.

And when the ads shine, can the smile of fortune be far away?

Yes, Vadapalani Talk is homing in to brighten up your Sundays. And it looks up to you for support. We assure you that your patronage will not be wasted.