T R Jawahar

Group CMD & Editor-in-Chief

As the son of the legendary T R Ramswamy (TRR for friends and admirers), T R Jawahar was born into journalism. Verily, he was destined for it. With a B.Com from the prestigious Loyola College, he, side-by-side, also became a medal-winning chartered accountant and cost accountant. 

Even as opportunities and jobs knocked on this fledgling chartered accountant, circumstances sucked him into the whirligig of journalism and he had to take over the English evening paper that his father had launched, News Today.

It is his eclectic outlook of life and his insightful understanding of the newspaper business that saw him launch Talk Media that has become the most talked about news property in recent times. Using his rich professional knowledge of top line news gathering, Mr.Jawahar and his team have revolutionized neighbourhood journalism.

Talk Media Publication is an enjoyable experiment of empowering politically, democratically and economically both the reader and the advertiser.  A technology buff, Mr.Jawahar has introduced in his office, across all departments, cutting-edge equipment and devices that leverage human contribution.  

Mr.Jawahar’s Point Blank column, in which he tackles a cornucopia of subjects in a delightful mix of insightful observations, nuanced sensibility, rhythmic puns and spontaneous humour, enjoys phenomenal patronage from across the over two million readership base of Talk Media Publications.