'Maalai Sudar', a Tamil Evening newspaper was launched by the Group company. Steeped in the idiom and style that set apart T R Ramaswami (TRR), that journalist par excellence whose vision forms the bulwark of the paper, Maalai Sudar has been charting a new and exciting course in the field of Tamil journalism. Hitting the stands daily at around 3 pm, Maalai Sudar is a veritable buffet of news, pics and everything else.

Hard-hitting but never hitting below the belt and quick without being hasty. Maalai Sudar has been winning the approval of a large number of readers. It has special features on sports, films (local and upcountry), religion, astrology, foreign affairs, business and technology. 

Maalai Sudar’s web edition too has an enviable reach all across the globe. But in the city itself, apart from the regular shop sales, it is available to those taking flights (Indian Airlines, Air India) out of Chennai every evening. In short it is for both the masses and classes.